Smart Farming


“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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About us

ADI SOLAR ENERGY is an African startup, founded by a team of doctors, engineers and business specialists, in 2016 in order to provide adapted and concrete solutions to current problems through the use of new technologies of this millennium.
We bring you solutions tailored to your needs, in a precise, reliable and economical way.

In order to achieve our goal, we found a dynamic team of engineers, doctors, and universities spread all over the continent an nd set up a list of the major concern (water and energy consumption, availability and supply) which faced our society and bring appropriate and relevant solutions.
Therefore, we have launched three major projects:
- Improving the yield crop through technology. the goal is to be able to produce more and quality foods with fewer resources, We thus developed a smart agricultural system denominated MECOTRA: Measure, Collect, Train, Act. With this system, we are able to increase the yield by 40%.
- The improvement of the efficiency of the solar power plant, by using solar tracking systems and automated cleaning and cooling systems, this increase of the energy efficiency by more than 30%.
Be part of the change, take action with us!

  • We are working on an AI-based system in order to improve the yield crop, avoid plants diseases, and ensure the maturity and quality of the fruits。

  • With a dedicated team of engineers, we develop a dual axis solar tracking system equipped with an automated cleaning and cooling robot.

  • We are working on a fast and embedded image processing architecture for face, motion, plant diseases, fruit quantity, size, quality and maturity recognition.

  • From sensors, communication devices, and dashboard, we can offer you a tailored system for Home Automation, Industrial sensor, and Office management。

Are you looking for relevant technologies for your home, company, business, Farm, or do you want to get a quotation for a Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind) Power Plant, CCTV system, Home Automation?

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